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    Madame de Xaintrailles, (? – ?), Republican heroine of the French Revolution. While wearing the uniform of a major of cavalry, she presented an aide-de-camp’s commission to the lodge of Les Freres Aristes. It was resolved that the first degree (not of Adoptive Masonry but of real Masonry) should be conferred on a lady who had displayed the courage and virtues of a man.

  • Emmanuil Xanthos (1772 – 28 November 1852) was a founder of the Filiki Eteria.
  • John Yarker, English occultist – 1° Lodge of Integrity Lodge No. 189 (later 163) Manchester, 25 October 1854, affiliated with Fidelity Lodge No. 623, 27 April 1855 – Expelled from the Ancient and Accepted Rite and demitted (from all regular Freemasonry), 1862


  • Joseph C. Yates (9 November 1768 – 19 March 1837), 7th Governor of New York. Was Master of St. George’s Lodge No. 6, Schenectady, New York from 1791-1796 and 1798.
  • Richard Yates, Sr. (18 January 1815 – 27 November 1873), U.S. Senator and Representative from and 13th Governor of Illinois. Was raised 26 May 1847 in Harmony Lodge No. 3, Jacksonville, Illinois.
  • Richard Yates, Jr. (12 December 1860 – 11 April 1936), U.S. Representative from and 22nd Governor of Illinois. Became member of Harmony Lodge No. 3, Jacksonville, Illinois on 27 June 1882. Grand orator of the Grand Lodge of Illinois in 1901.
  • William Yates (10 December 1720 – 5 October 1764), Clergyman in the American Colonial Church of England and fifth president of College of William & Mary. Received degrees in Williamsburg Lodge No. 6, Williamsburg, Virginia on 3 August 1773, 12 November 1773, and 28 May 1774.
  • Francis Yeats-Brown (15 August 1886 – 19 December 1944), DFC Officer of the British Indian army and author of The Lives of a Bengal Lancer.
  • Archibald Yell (9 August 1797 – 22 February 1847), U.S.Representative and 2nd Governor of Arkansas. Was first master of Shelbyville Lodge No. 49, Shelbyville, Tennessee in 1824. Elected grand master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee in 1831. Founded what is now Washington Lodge No. 1, at Fayetteville, Arkansas.
  • Duke of York (1920-1936) (See King George VI)
  • Third Duke of York and Albany (See Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany)
  • Dominique You (sometimes Youx) (ca 1775 – 15 November 1830), Privateer, Pirate, and later Politician. Artillery commander of gunners recruited from pirates ships at the Battle of New Orleans under General Andrew Jackson. Member of Lodge La Concorde of New Orleans, according to a certificate dated June, 1811.
  • Brigham Young, Mormon leader – Nauvoo Lodge, Illinois, April, 1842 (Later that year, Nauvoo Lodge was declared clandestine by the Grand Lodge of Illinois, and its members were suspended)
  • Coleman Young (1918–1997), American politician, mayor of Detroit, Michigan from 1974 to 1993.
  • Denton T. “Cy” Young, Baseball player – raised February 29, 1904 in Mystic Tie Lodge No. 194, Dennison, Ohio
  • Lafayette Young (10 May 1848 – 15 November 1926), U.S. Senator from Iowa. Received the degrees in Pymosa Lodge No. 271, Atlantic, Iowa and was admitted to Home Lodge No. 370 of Des Moines on 9 October 1890.
  • Richard M. Young (20 February 1798 – 28 November 1861), U.S. Senator from Illinois. Member of Bodley Lodge No. 1, Quincy, Illinois, but demitted during the anti-Masonic period.
  • Luther Youngdahl (29 May 1896 – 21 June 1978), 27th Governor of Minnesota. Received degrees in Minneapolis Lodge No. 19 in 1920 and withdrew in 1923 to affiliate with University Lodge No. 316. Affiliated with Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277 n 17 February 1925 and served as master in 1938.
  • Oscar Youngdahl (13 October 1893 – 3 February 1946), U.S. Representative from Minnesota. Received degrees in Lakeview Lodge No. 143, Ortonville, Minnesota in 1918, withdrawing in 1923 to affiliate with University Lodge No. 316.
  • Arthur Younger (11 April 1893 – 20 June 1967), U.S. Representative from California.
  • George C. Yount (1794 – 1865), California pioneer who was the first permanent Caucasian settler in the Napa Valley. Yountville, California is named for him. Made a Freemason in Benicia Lodge No. 5 in 1850; assisted in the organization of Yount Lodge No. 12 of Napa; and in 1855 organized Caymus Lodge No. 93 at Yountville, was the lodge’s first junior warden, holding some office every year thereafter until his death, and was master in 1859. He was grand Bible bearer of the Grand Lodge of California. Yount Lodge No. 12 in Napa is named for him.
  • David Levy Yulee (12 June 1810 – 10 October 1886), U.S. Senator from Florida. Member of Hayward Lodge No. 7, Gainesville, Florida.


  • Duiliu Zamfirescu, Romanian novelist, poet, short story writer, lawyer, nationalist politician, journalist, diplomat and memoirist.
  • Giuseppe Zanardelli (29 October 1826 – 26 December 1903), 16th Prime Minister of Italy. A Freemason, after his death the bishop of Brescia refused him a Christian burial, unless the floral offering on the coffin sent by the Italian Freemasons, was removed.
  • Darryl F. Zanuck (1902-1979), American film producer, Mount Olive Lodge No. 506, California.
  • Lorenzo de Zavala (3 October 1788 – 15 November 1836), 19th-century Mexican politician of Spanish descent. Vice-President of the Republic of Texas from 16 March 1836 to 22 October 1836. He was first master of La Independencia Lodge (location unidentified).
  • Germán Zea Hernández Colombian politician.
  • 1st Earl of Zetland (See Lawrence Dundas, 1st Earl of Zetland)
  • 2nd Earl of Zetland (See Thomas Dundas, 2nd Earl of Zetland)
  • Florenz Ziegfeld, Broadway impresario and founder of the Ziegfeld’s Follies. Accordia Lodge No. 277, Chicago.
  • William Ziegler (1 September 1843 – 25 May 1905), American industrialist who was one of the founders of the Royal Baking Powder Company. Organized Arctic expeditions. His original lodge is not known, but in November 1885 he affiliated with Altair Lodge No. 601, Brooklyn.
  • Fred R. Zimmerman (20 November 1880 – 14 December 1954), 25th Governor of Wisconsin.
  • Orville Zimmerman (31 December 1880 – 7 April 1948), U.S. Representative from Missouri.
  • Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Serbian poet
  • Johann Zoffany, German-British painter
  • Felix Zollicoffer (19 May 1812 – 19 January 1862), U.S. Representative from Tennessee, officer of the United States Army brigadier general of the Confederate States Army. Killed at the Battle of Mill Springs. Member of Cumberland Lodge No. 8 of Nashville.
  • Heinrich Zschokke (22 March 1771 – 27 June 1848), German, later Swiss, author and reformer. He was initiated in the lodge Zur, Aufrichtigen, Herzen at Frankfurt. He preached that Freemasonry was the missing link between the church and state, and that only after the broken chain was closed again, would the world attain to higher ideals.
  • Adolph Zukor, Film producer, Centennial Lodge No. 763, New York

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